101 Tesla Sustainable Village – 36900 Houses – The New Boom and Better Normal Living Model in the Best Balkan Locations

Tesla Sustainable Village covers the whole range of needs essential for living a fulfilled life in a clean, productive and transparent way.
The living situation is and always was to strive to have everyday needs covered stably and decently.
Only then people can thrive in all walks of life!
With such a wide range of transparent and sustainable ecological practices, quality of life improves significantly.
In addition, people and businesses productivity increases, while many other things are directly and indirectly boosting from those actions.

– housing units with maximum resistance for earthquakes, panels built from different materials to match the best geographical needs Possible panel usage for many building types and styles. Some of the possibilities in building with such uniquely robust and modular materials are: strong, well insulated and still lightweight buildings for the schools, hospitals, warehouses, greenhouses, etc.


– sustainable roads ( simple earth roads modified to be straight and hardened with a unique ecological enzyme to make them resilient and long-lasting)


-renewable energy with the best waste to energy technology, 100% power needs covering with the possibility of additional production and external sales for extra profitability.
(More about systems explained in Energy sources)


-full-year accessible and navigable waterways + energy production, flood prevention, irrigation, and tourism facilities with housing, sports and water sports, health and education options – all those possibilities are coming with our patented second-generation modular cascading hydropower plants that are the easiest to instal serious hydro projects in the world today – also possible to relatively easy deinstall with minimal effect on flora and fauna